• Is there any reason why I shouldn’t buy my TV and audio equipment on the Internet?

    Although you certainly can find good buys on some electronics on the Internet, you should first ask yourself these questions:

    • Can you look at, listen to and compare different models on the Internet?
    • Can the Internet company design a home entertainment system for your needs?
    • Does the manufacturer’s warranty apply for the equipment you purchase from the on-line reseller?
    • Are you sure the low-priced unit offered on the Internet is not refurbished?
    • What will you do if the unit arrives damaged or defective?
    • Do you have the right to return an item that you’re not satisfied with?
    • Will the Internet company help you set up and operate your equipment?
    • Will the Internet company help you if the equipment develops a problem?

    You can buy with confidence at reliable independent retailers like Nauset TV & Sound.

  • Can I buy my equipment at a lower price at one of the big box stores or some other store on the Cape?

    Nauset TV & Sound is a member of a huge buying group which provides us with excellent pricing, and since we match advertised pricing on Cape Cod you can feel confident that you’ll get competitive pricing.